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We are the brand builder from Utrecht and will translate your story into a brand that draws in customers and is an inspiration to employees.

“G2O Brandbuilders.
Show the real you. That will make you a strong brand!”

You are surrounded by endless possibilities and huge opportunities, and there is no limit to your ambitions. But how do you turn them into reality? How can you build the business of your dreams? Let G2O take a look inside and hold up a mirror to your potential. This then forms the basis for creating the brand in which we reveal your unique value to the outside world. A brand that brings reality and ambition in line with each other. Because the more you stay true to yourself, the more powerful your story becomes. You will then become a brand that finds a place in the heads and hearts of people. A unique place. A really valuable, irreplaceably unique place. A more profound connection. Then you will be a brand that inspires employees and mobilises customers. A brand you can be proud of. A brand that touches you.

We are fascinated by the link between ‘inside and outside’. Between identity and positioning, being and saying, doing and promising.

Gijs Huisman, Founder G2O

Who are we?

From advertising agency to brand builders

We are G2O Brand Builders, the brand builders from Utrecht. Advertising agencies come in all types and sizes. Graphic design agencies, web agencies, marketing agencies. All of these have their own speciality. At G2O Brand Builders we are that bit different. We are an advertising agency in Utrecht that builds brands. We are home to professionals who are mad about branding.

Do you have a brand or are looking to introduce one into the market, and are in need of an advertising agency’s help with this? If so, then at G2O Brand Builders from Utrecht, you are in exactly the right place. Thinking up, designing and building brands are what we specialise in. Not just for businesses in Utrecht, but for customers throughout the Netherlands. We build their brands into national or international brands. And we do that in our own tried and tested manner.

What we do?

Our approach. Differently from the other advertising agencies in Utrecht

When building brands we look first of all at three aspects: the market and all its competition, your target group along with all their wishes, and your identity. The point at which these three aspects interact is what we call the ‘sweet spot’. It’s the ideal combination of your unique strength, the needs of the target group and the distinguishing characteristic in the market. We always seek out this unique combination so that we can place your brand in the market in a way that keeps true to you. It’s our absolute conviction that you reach people more easily when you stay true to yourself.

What can we do for you?

Whether you have an existing brand that is due for a makeover, want to introduce a completely new brand into the market or don’t even know yet whether you ought to introduce that new brand at all: we can help. We have faced many different questions during the twenty-plus years we have been building brands. We subject each question to comprehensive analysis and search out the best options. This is always done in an honest way. In some cases, it could even mean us telling you that it’s better not to do anything. In other cases, wholesale change is called for. At all times, the basic principle remains that the brand must reflect who you are. Because when you stay true to yourself, special things happen. You begin to shine and your brand exerts a magic pull on people. Experience for yourself how we can bring that about for you too. You don’t know where it might lead.


Will you let us help you to make your dreams come true?

We would love to go looking with you for the strength of your product or organisation’s brand. This lies hidden within your identity. The golden basis for a durable brand that is the outward reflection of your organisation’s inner truth. Make an appointment and let us get to know you. Then we can tell you all about our team, our vision and our unique approach.




Want to get your brand on solid foundations?

Let us help you with your positioning, rooted in the identity of your organization.

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